The Digital Blonde 2017 speaker schedule

Karen Fewell, Friday February 24, 2017

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2017 is shaping up to be a busy year for the Digital Blonde team. In addition to working on the PR and social media for some fantastic industry events this year, we’re also pleased to be speaking at several conferences, shows and masterclasses.

If you’ve been to a Digital Blonde event before, you’ll know we’re all about sharing the latest research and how to apply this to your business (with just a few blonde wigs thrown in occasionally). This year is no different. Karen will be busy absorbing futuristic trends and studies at South by South West in Texas and deepening her understanding of human behaviour at the Neuromarketing World Conference. Plus, we have the latest Digital Blonde research and experiment findings to share too. All of this means we’ve got plenty of fresh insights when it comes to food, marketing and psychology. Whilst these topics are all very different, one theme that unites them is human behaviour. That’s why we firmly believe understanding human behaviour and your audience should be at the heart of any marketing campaign.

You’ll find that each Digital Blonde talk this year has consumer behaviour and the psychology of marketing running through it. Read on to find out when and where you can catch a Digital Blonde presentation…

IFE – 22nd March 2017 - The Millennial Appetite: What They Really Crave

How should the food industry cater for millennials, the generation that wants it all? Millennials are health and sustainability conscious but demand speed and convenience. Join Karen in The Big Picture Theatre at IFE to explore the latest technology, trends and marketing insights for brands seeking to appeal to millennial appetites.

Propel – 7th April 2017 – Advanced Social Media Masterclass

This one day masterclass looks beyond the basics of social media for the hospitality industry and considers integration with PR, storytelling, measurement, evaluation and how to appeal to multiple age groups. There will be real examples to learn from as well as lessons in psychology and working with online influencers. Plus, there will be practical discussions around social advertising, analytics and recruitment. Set to answer all your in-depth social media questions, this event has a packed agenda and is not to be missed!

Farm Shop & Deli Show - 24th-26th April 2017 – Marketing to the Generations

Though it can be said that technology and social media brings us all closer together, when it comes to marketing it can leave you with a divided audience. Making sure your marketing is engaging for all seems more of a challenge than ever before. How do you successfully connect with both Generation Z who’ve never known life without Smartphones and Generation X who’ve had to catch up with the digital era? Join Karen at the Farm Shop & Deli Show to explore the differences in attitudes and engagement across the generations, when it comes to food and drink marketing. Looking at both social and traditional media, she’ll discuss what’s important to each generation, with useful insights to help guide marketing activity and expand your customer-base.  

The London Produce Show - 7th-9th June 2017 – The Foodservice Forum

This special event dedicated to fresh produce is hosting a foodservice industry conference, which will see Karen sharing insights from the world of neuroscience and psychology. She’ll be discussing what this means for the foodservice industry and how to apply this new knowledge to marketing campaigns. Karen will also be discussing her latest family dining research findings in a panel session exploring healthier lifestyles for children and the industry’s role.

Institute of Hospitality – November 2017 - Regional Event: The Psychology of Marketing

In a talk tailored to management in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries, Karen will discuss how to incorporate psychology into marketing and social media communications. Returning to the central theme of human behaviour, this thought-provoking session will help to enhance attendees’ understanding of consumer decision making. 


More events are being discussed at the time of writing and all new events will be added to this page once everything is confirmed.

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