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Karen Fewell, Friday March 2, 2018

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We are running a one day workshop with Propel on Thursday 26th April, 10 - 4.30pm. To book your place email

It’s important to regularly review your social strategy to ensure it’s written with 2018 in mind and this one-day advanced workshop is designed to help you achieve this.

Social media marketing is constantly evolving. Laws, user-behaviour and social platforms all change and this engaging day will cover everything a marketing department should be thinking about right now when it comes to social strategy.

Your day of Digital Blonde insight will be packed full of research findings, practical advice, expert knowledge and tried and tested theories to drive sales.


What you need to know to drive business via social in 2018

What’s the latest news in the world of digital marketing? Karen Fewell will set the scene by revealing updates from recent industry reports and her analysis of insightful statistics. You will be one of the first to hear her discoveries and learnings from her recent trip to America for SXSW.

The 2018 power and principles of persuasion
Working with behavioural scientists and neuroscientists the Digital Blonde team has developed 10 principles of persuasion for hospitality businesses. There’s no point starting a social strategy unless you understand how to apply psychological principles to help people buy your products and services.

Once upon a time in a story of social channels
Everybody in marketing talks about the importance of stories, but one man has delved further than most into the art of storytelling. Craig Hill has worked with authors and scriptwriters to develop a story framework which will truly help you unearth your brand character and how to tell others about it in an interesting and engaging way.

The inspiration session
Discover 10 killer social media campaigns and what you should learn from them. What worked and why are people talking about them, and most importantly remembering them? You will come away with a list of principles to apply to your own social activity. 

Your interactive guide to content brainstorming
One of the most common questions we get asked is how to come up with creative ideas. Many people struggle to get their mind working creatively and so we will take you through the Digital Blonde approach to brainstorming social campaigns. In this interactive session you will be forced to look at a campaign in a more emotional and engaging way.

The ever-changing Facebook Algorithm
In January, Mark Zuckerberg announced new changes to the Facebook algorithm and as a result people are now wondering how to use Facebook to drive footfall and sales. Discover what the latest Facebook algorithm change means for your social account and how you can ensure your content is seen and engaged with.

Understanding user behaviour
Before you create any content for your channels it’s vital that you understand the latest research into how different people behave on social media. How do you engage with millennials in 2018? Do Gen Z even use Facebook anymore? These key questions and more will be answered as you learn how to play the generation game.

One month to go until GDPR
What does GDPR mean for your social strategy? Karen will share her thoughts on the impact that GDPR will have on social media and share the latest updates from the networks.

20 questions in 20 minutes
When you make your course booking make sure you submit a question for the Digital Blonde team as they will be undertaking a quick-fire round of questions. What’s been burning away in your mind?

Inside the analytics with Jamie Riddell from BirdSong
Data tells you interesting and useful things about user behaviour which then helps inform decisions on your social strategy. Jamie has been exploring insight from the hospitality industry with his pay-as-you-go analytics platform, BirdSong.

An ultimate content toolkit
Discover the tools you need to create engaging content cost-effectively and all from your mobile phone. From branded images and gifs to live and edited video, we’ll reveal the key apps you need and how to use them to design content your audience will love. We’ll also show you how to produce a brilliant Facebook Live with the top things you must consider before you ‘go live’ on any platform.

How to write killer copy that will knock out the noise
With so much content on social media, how do you make sure yours gets noticed? Social copywriter, Nicola Proud will share her top copywriting hints and tips and how to write Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts that stop people scrolling.

How to use Instagram stories to drive sales
Not many brands have mastered the Instagram Story format and we are going to help you change that. Following on from the morning storytelling session, you will see how you can turn your new story knowledge into amazing Instagram Stories that will drive revenue for your business.

How to get the best from promoted spend across the networks
Discover key differences between the social advertising platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. What is the best strategy for promoted spend on Instagram versus Facebook? Use dark posts, tracking URLs and a social platform to learn which images, copy and ad format drive the best business results for you.

The effect of influencers
If you know anything about marketing trends, you will know influencers are a big thing and will continue to play a key part in marketing activity over the next year. We will be sharing some real case studies where influencers have played a vital part in the success of the campaign. Learn where to find influential people, what to pay them and how to successfully build them into your strategy.

Closing comments
Karen will summarise how you can use everything you’ve learnt today when you get back to your workplace and turn it into your latest social media strategy.

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