Understanding your customers' relationships with food is key to creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy

Everyone in the Digital Blonde team loves food and food experiences. We are ever so passionate about helping our clients succeed in this exciting industry. We support clients from all sectors, including: 

  • Food and drink brands
  • Restaurants and retail
  • Chefs
  • Education caterers
  • Contract caterers
  • Industry associations
  • Hotel food and beverage
  • Pubs and bars

Our work

A typical day may include the team putting their heads together to come up with a creative campaign for a client, writing a complete marketing and PR strategy, managing client digital communications or training a team on how to use social media effectively.

In a new digital world which is overflowing with data and user experiences we're all excited about any opportunity to be creative and come up with new and inspiring ideas for businesses.


If you attend industry events you may have heard Karen and Nicola speak about a variety of marketing, social media and consumer behaviour topics on the big stage. Our presentations have included everything from why chefs use social media, to what makes people share and how our emotional relationship with food is changing.


Our Marketing School

Food Marketing School


The Food Marketing School is a fresh approach to marketing training for the food and hospitality industry. It has been said that marketing has changed more in the last 2 years than in the previous 50 years.

With constantly changing technology and consumer behaviour, marketing individuals and teams are working in different ways to how many of us were trained or taught. As changes are still happening, it’s important we all keep our skills and knowledge up-to-date on the latest platform, devices, content and promotional techniques.


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